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Local Program Planning

The proposed Local Program to be adopted at our annual meeting must go to the membership in February -- so January is the time for any of you with ideas for study items at a local level to speak up. Present your ideas at the January unit you attend, or put them in writing and mail to the Local Agenda Chairman, Jane Hewitt.

Our program is presently as follows:`


  1. An evaluation of the Charter of the City and County of Honolulu and its implementation, with possible recommendations for change,

  2. Study and support of a well integrated and comprehensive plan for the orderly development of the City and County of Honolulu, including transportation and zoning.


  1. Support of measures to insure a City and County jail which meets the standards of a modern correctional institution and will provide for adequate security, segregation and rehabilitation.

We hope you read the article in the ADVERTISER of December 21st on the Women's section of Halawa Jail. We are delighted with the amount of coverage this newspaper has given to the whole corrections problem recently---but we do regret one error in the article. As well-informed

Leaguers you know that we have never said the State should take over operation of the Jail.


This workshop will be conducted by-the-State League for the Local Agenda Committee. League members from Hilo, will also be taking part and any Honolulu League member who is interested, is welcome to participate. This meeting will follow the unit meeting of Windward Morning Unit in the Emmanuel Episcopal Church located at 780 Keolu Drive in Kailua.

SECOND CALL - Please plan to give a few hours doing a pleasant service at the Citizens Conference on Constitutional Convention (Jan 25, 26, 27) as hostess in the Resource Materials Section, Call Betty Tobiasson 262-5303 and let her know what day you would like to help in this effort,

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