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News from State

Would you like to have the opportunity to voice your choice for a presidential candidate before your party convention? This can be done if you attend your party precinct meeting when delegates to convention are chosen. To be eligible to attend the precinct meeting, you must be registered with your party headquarters. The Democrats have set January 27th as the deadline for registering and paying your $1.00 registration fee. precinct meetings will be in March. The date for the Republican meetings have not been set as yet, but there is a possibility that they will be held late in January or in February rather than in March so immediate registration is necessary. Remember that effective participation in the political party of your choice starts at the precinct level.

The State League will again be involved in November 1968 in reporting the election returns to the ABC network. This will be an opportunity to observe the effectiveness of the electronic voting machine. Volunteers will be needed for this job.

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