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The President's Page

My delight at being appointed to the State Ethics Commission is exceeded only by my astonishment.

In accepting this considerable honor and responsibility, I am very aware that it represents a tribute to the Honolulu League's reputation for thoughtful research and study, for dedication to community service, and for impartiality. I'll try to handle my new responsibilities in a League-like way, because I can't think of a better approach to public service.

Perhaps I had better serve fair warning on the chairman and the members of the Ethics, Committee that they had better start putting together some extra copies of the Ethics Study Folder, because I'm going to make sure that these are a part of the Commission's library.


I am sure you'll read elsewhere in this Voter about the forthcoming Conference on the Constitutional Convention, but do indulge me in an urgent plea of my own. All of you have received an invitation to join the Conference. Many of you may feel that the cost ($15 for all three days; $11 for two days; $6 for a single day),represents a big slice Out of your budget.

I hope you'll hold the thought that this is a Citizens' Conference; subsidized by nobody but us conferees, and therefore not subject to direction or domination by any special-interest group. The Conference fee ALMOST covers the cost of registration, lunches, and meeting rooms -- the balance is being covered by donations from the participating organizations. Our League gave $100 to this effort.

All citizens of Hawaii have a vital stake in what is done at the Constitutional Convention which has been called for 1968. Leaguers MUST be informed and aware. Please come. to the Conference. See you there.

I seem to be full of appeals this month. This one is to call Betty Tobiasson, at 262-5303 and tell her whether you'd like to help man (woman?) the Information Center during the actual Conference, on January 25 - 27, or whether you'd rather, spend a couple of hours manning the registration telephone number at the University. (Aw, c'mon, EVERYBODY can squeeze out a couple of hours, even a .busy Leaguer!)


Interim report: Honolulu's flyer on limitation of national program has resulted in a rather surprising response. We may be far-off, but I guess we're not far out, because the Jacksonville, Florida League, the Florida State League, and the Kirkwood Missouri League have all proposed to the National LWV Office the Honolulu bylaw amendment. We have also received expressions of support from places like Terre Haute and Georgia State LWV and Louisiana State. LWV. We are now negotiating with Kentucky and Rhode Island State Leagues, both of which proposed bylaw amendments limiting national program, to join forces in a single all-League appeal.

So this year, at National Convention, you can expect Honolulu's delegates to play an important role. Last Convention I was Honolulu's solo voice; this year we can field a duet.


If you're interested in planning: did know that individual citizens may now join the Oahu Development Conference? Call them at 575-271 if you'd like to find out about this opportunity. And if you live on the Windward side of the island, there's a Windward Citizens Planning Conference in the formative stage; first general meeting January 10, 7 P.m., Pohai Nani Auditorium. Leaguers have special knowledge and interest to contribute to these groups.


Mary George


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President: Mrs. Flave George 264-496

Editor: Mrs. Keith Snyder 362-178

Mailer: Mrs. M.C. Keesling 858-418


January, 1968

Circulation: 6249 Milolii Place Honolulu, Hawaii 96821

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