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First Round of Units in February - Red China Study Wind-up (Virginia Bogard)
Campaign Practices -- Urgent!!
President's Page (Mary George)
Preview of Things to Come - Continuing Responsibilities (Tosh Tasaka)
Opportunity Knocks Twice This Month (Frances McLeod)
Classified Ads - Wanted
Report of the Nominating Committee
Why a Single Slate?
New Members
Hawaii Council on Crime (Marilyn Bornhorst)
Consensus Statement as Prepared by the Local Agenda Committee (Jane Hewitt)

Campaign Practices -- Urgent!!

A series of meetings to study and discuss political campaign financing and practices is about to begin.

WHEN: MONDAY, February 12th and every Monday for several weeks at 9:30 A, M,

WHERE: Fredda Sullam's house - 5350 Kalanianaole Highway (32-221)

This study is an outgrowth of the League's interest in ethics. It will deal with the very practical problem of how a candidate gets himself elected to office. Where does he get the money to finance his campaign? How much money is needed? Are poor men unable to compete for office without incurring disabling debts or promising special favors? Can anything be done about the high cost of campaigning? This is a timely topic. Get in on the ground floor of a fascinating study project.

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