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Classified Ads - Wanted


Under the topic "opportunities for training and employment" the Human Resources Committee is in the incipient stage of compiling a report of program in operation at the State Government level.

On Dec 20, 1967, the HR Committee met with Mr. Robert Gilkey, Deputy Director of the Dept. of Labor & Industrial Relations. His presentation was comprehensive, informative and so stimulating that the members would probably have agreed to meet on Dec 25th, in order to get moving on the study. But enthusiasm was controlled and a subsequent meeting was held on Jan 17th. By the time this VOTER reaches you, we will have completed another interview with Mr. Theodore Ruhig, Executive Secretary of the Commission on Manpower and Full Employment,

Committee members include Alva Brantz, Ronnie Craighead, Mary Louise Garcia, Susan Jacobs, Ann Machovina, Althea Marrack and Lucile Mundy. We are a jolly group and our time is spent even steven between fun and work plus coffee break.


HOUSECLEANING TIME???? Do you have a few of the photographic flyers which were sent out on the finance drive'? Call Publications Audrey Klein - 261-1434. She is looking for them.

Would you like to help elect a delegate to the Republican National Convention? Precinct meetings and elections are Wednesday, March 6th. You must be registered with Republican headquarters before Wednesday, February 28 if you want to participate.

Hope you Democrats read your January Voter because the Democratic Party closed their registrations January 27th.

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