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Consensus Statement as Prepared by the Local Agenda Committee (Jane Hewitt)

Consensus Statement as Prepared by the Local Agenda Committee

  1. The League supports revision of the State Constitution to prohibit amendment of County charters by the State Legislature. Pending this revision, we ask the Honolulu City Council to propose amendments using only those methods set forth within the Charter.

  2. The League recommends the following changes in Article XIII. Charter Amendment or Revision:

    1. Section 12-101, Paragraph (b) which sets forth the means for amendment by petition of the electors should require that the petition be signed by 10% of the registered voters of the City and County at the last regular election, and, following the certification of the signatures by the City Clerk, the proposed amendment should go directly on the ballot.

    2. Section 13-105, The League feels that sixteen years between mandatory reviews of the Charter is too long A period and would support changing that interval to ten years.

If we needed any proof that the present method of amending the City Charter by petition is confusing, we have it in the newspaper stories that followed the League's appearance at City Council on February 6th, One paper has it that the only people who can sign the petition are those who actually voted for mayor in the last election. The other paper says that 10/, of those who voted in the last general election are required. They are both wrong!! The Charter now requires a petition to be signed by "qualified electors equal in number to at least ten per cent of the entire vote cast for mayor in the last preceding mayoralty election". The proposed League amendment would change that to "qualified electors equal in number to ten per cent of the number of registered voters in the last general election". Everybody clear? Let's at least hope all Leaguers are!!

And one more thing. One of the newspaper stories also said that the Citizens' Committee that circulated the Ethics petition did secure the required number of signatures, submitted the petition to the City Council and were turned down, The Committee didn't get enough signatures and the petition effort ended there.

Jane Hewitt

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