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Hawaii Council on Crime (Marilyn Bornhorst)
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Hawaii Council on Crime

The Hawaii Council on Crime organized itself on January 29, 1968. Its members are leading businessmen, churchmen, legislators, and interested citizens. The League was invited to send representatives to a luncheon held immediately after the organizational meeting where the purpose of the Council was explained to many community groups.

The Hawaii Council is patterned after the 60 year old National Council on Crime and Delinquency. We are the twentieth State council to be formed. The NCCD and the HCC are both supported by private contributions. The NCCO has a professional staff, but its Board of Directors is two-thirds lay citizens.

Mr. Milton Rector, Director of the NCCD, has been in Hawaii to help organize the Hawaii Council. Mr. Rector's attitude is that the country cannot afford anything but the most modern and enlightened methods in crime detection, arrest, trial, sentencing, and re-education. The purpose of the Councils is to help get us there. We must speed up the whole crime to correction procedure by modern police methods, streamlined courts, separating educable offenders from dangerous offenders so that we may get as many criminals back into good citizenship as possible. Even dangerous criminals should be confined where they can be studied.

Marilyn Bornhorst

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