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Opportunity Knocks Twice This Month

On Wednesday, February 20 the State League is offering new members (and old members) of the Honolulu League an opportunity to become acquainted with state government--a chance to observe the Legislature of Hawaii in action. (30-day Budget Session).

You are invited to attend this State 1orkshop on the Legislature from 9;30-11:30 A.M. in the Aina Haina Library. Windward Leaguers don't forget that the new road through Waimanalo is now open. You can be here in about 20 minutes. Marguerite Simson, State President, will discuss Hawaii's legislature and the way it operates. Nan Lowers, the State League's first lobbyist, will describe the lobbying process as it fits the League.

At the workshop you will learn more about the opportunity to become a legislative observer for the League. If you would like to be an observer one day a week (or less) but cannot attend the workshop, please call 33-360. Don't miss your first chance to gain knowledge about state government.

PRACTICAL POLITICS SEMINAR - Wednesday February 28 8:00 A.M.

The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii has offered League members the opportunity to join 11 of their sponsoring organizations in this seminar in the Ilikai Hotel's Pacific Ballroom. The seminar replaces the Chamber-sponsored course held in previous years for ten weeks which many League members have taken. Dr. Ralph Miwa, Political Science professor, U. of H. has put the program together. It will-consist of four general sessions followed by panel discussions.

There will be two speakers at each general session. Topics are:

Party Organization and Operation
Governmental Organization and Administration
Governmental Legislative Process
Business and Individual In Politics

You are urged to take advantage of this course. It provides a sound background to equip citizens to contribute to better government by participating effectively in the political processes of the community, state and nation.

Registration Form is enclosed with this Bulletin. Registration of $5.00 includes material and lunch,„ If you register and wish to have the literature for pre-seminar study, you may secure it by going to the Chamber of Commerce Office, Dillingham Building, Bishop Street.

Frances McLeod
Chm. Voter Service Committee

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