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The President's Page

Chalk Up-another star in the League's crown -- our participation in the creation, the planning, the details - and in attendance - in the recent Conference on the Constitutional Convention marks a high point in the long history of League participation in our community's affairs. I was proud for every Leaguer who contributed to the Conference, and accepted a gratifying number of plaudits in behalf of the League.

I'm sure you noted the considerable press coverage of the Conference; watch for information about its continuing effects. League participation will now be concentrated in the scope of our Voters Service program. Call Fran McLeod if you'd like to be a part of the League's efforts toward public information on the issues and the candidates for the Con/Con.


I'd like to pass on to you a minor benefit of League leadership training which might not have occurred to you before. I have a vivid recollection of the first time I had to testify before an official body in behalf of a League position; my voice and the backs of my knees indicated a strong minority tendency to tremble and waver. After a couple of years as Honolulu League spokesman, I'm delighted to report that confidence in public is an asset I'm delighted to have acquired.

I managed about three-quarters of an hour before the City Council, testifying on the League proposal for change in the methods of amendment of our Charter; hardly a bead of sweat on my brow.

So, if you need a recruiting gimmick when asking your friends and neighbors to join you as members of the League, tell them that training in confidence in making a public appearance can be a part of the long list of benefits they'll get from the League.

Apropos of the League's pitch to change the present method of amending our Charter, you might want to tune in on KTRG (about 990 on your dial) on Valentine's Day, February 14, to hear Jane Hewitt and Mary George talk about the League proposal. About 3:30 p.m. And because Charter amendment is presently complicated and not well understood, we anticipate rather scanty audience participation,. Please call in, with a League-like question, if you have an opportunity to do so. The call-in telephone number is 923-3147.


Had you heard that the State League made a happy total of fifty bucks out of the Con/Con/Con we sponsored? Sale to interested conferees of the Election Laws Study and the Ethics Study Folder.

In addition to this happy financial news, we can report that - through our Conference participation - every Leaguer will have a copy of the State Constitution and a copy of Act 222, SLH 1967, which was the creating act for the Constitutional Convention. The print costs of these two publications alone would have been far above our $100 donation to the Conference.

Bread on the waters.


I have just received my copy of the January 1968 National Board Report. Perhaps you will be interested to know that the proposal of the Honolulu League for amendment of the national Bylaws to permit limitation of national program has proved highly popular -- no less than eleven other Leagues echoed our proposal; dozens of others submitted similar proposals. We may be a far-off League, but it rather looks as though we're not too far-out. We'll see what happens

Mary George

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