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First Round of Units in February - Red China Study Wind-up (Virginia Bogard)
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Preview of Things to Come - Continuing Responsibilities (Tosh Tasaka)
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Preview of Things to Come - Continuing Responsibilities


Representatives of the LWV are ready to testify before Congress on legislation dealing with positions we have reached from our past governmental studies. One such study began in 1924, went through several phases, a part of the issue has been enacted into law, but a segment of the original problem remains with us after 44 years! What these studies are and how the positions were reached and what action will be taken in this session of the Congress is the topic for discussion at the 2nd round of Units for February.

Why did the national League adopt the study of the apportionment of state, legislatures and what did we learn from that study? What did we study in the area of loyalty-security, why, what is our position and what lies ahead? What is the League position on tax rates, what action has been taken? Read up on the "National Continuing Responsibilities" and come to the Units and join the discussion. These Units should be of particular interest to new members from the stand point of "who speaks for me-why-and in what voice?"

Lila Grossman

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Tosh Tasaka

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