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Give a Guess!!

Give a Guess!!

  1. In 1965, Oahu's Population was 617,000. What do the experts predict for 1985?______

  2. In 1965, Oahu's employed people numbered 198,000. In 1985, ______ ?

  3. In 1965, Oahu's dwelling units were 145,000. In 1985,______ ?

  4. L. In 1965, Oahu's registered motor vehicles were 244,000. In 1985, ______?

  5. The total land area of Oahu is ______thousand acres.

  6. What percentage of the total is in use? ______

  7. How much more of the total is usable?______%

  8. How much of our land area is used by roads and highways? ______

  9. Is this more or less than the average U.S. city? ______

  10. How many miles does H.R.T. operate?______

  11. How many busses do they operate?______ How many are over 10 years old? ______

  12. Since 1963, has adult patronage increased or decreased? ______What is the fare?______

  13. WUhat is the average speed of the Waikiki-Ala Moana Bus?


  14. Have you ever been on an H.R.T. bus? ______

  15. Do you believe that H.R.T. is a good money-making business? ______

  16. Would you ride a bus into town if you could get express service? ______

  17. Would you ride a bus if it were free? ______

  18. Are you in favor of City-County ownership of the bus system? ______

  19. Should busses have lanes reserved for their use exclusively? ______

  20. Should busses be allowed on the freeways? ______

  21. If a bus line were set up for your use, just where should it go?

    Start______ End______ Exchange point______

    Time start______ Time end______

    Days you would use it______

    Days when you would not use it______

  22. On the accompanying map of Oahu, draw in where you thank mass transit lines -- either fixed rail or bus -- should go. Be a traffic engineer!

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