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Foreign Policy

FOREIGN POLICY - Virginia Bognrd (Virginia will be leaving in August for Phoenix. Marilyn Bornhorst is the new chairman.)

The Foreign Policy Committee of 1967-68 wishes to express its appreciation to our fellow members for their interest and enthusiasm concerning the various topics covered this year. We are particularly indebted to the unit chairmen and discussion leaders. Thank you.

As the Chairman, I wish to thank the members of thy committee for their hard work and for the good times we had in doing it. They are: Dee Lum, Ann Machovina, Laura Draper, Phyllis DeFano, Ruth Balsley, and Gertrude Holton.


EDGAR SNOW Thursday April 11, U. of Hawaii campus
Film at Kennedy Theatre-12:30 P.M.

Lecture at Spaulding 115 7:30 P.M.

Film again after the lecture

Mr. Snow is an "old China Hand" having spent many years there as a student and teacher and newspaper man. During his infest stay in China (1964-65), Mr. Snow interviewed Premier Chou En-lai, Foreign Minister Ch'en Yi and others. Chairman Mao Tse-tung talked with him for hours, in a dialogue which was published around the the world.

Mr. Snow said "in general, the film follows a kind of picture-book script of "Red Star Over China" and "The Other side of the River", two books I wrote about the revolution, before and after."


Readers who want to improve their understanding of China will find a number of good paperbacks available:

TWENTIETH CENTURY CHINA by O. Edmond Clubb (Columbin U. Press $2.75)

CHINA by Kenneth Scott Latourette (Spectrum $1.95)

MAO AND CHINESE REVOLUTION by Jerome Ch'en (Oxford U. Press $2.45)

CHINESE COMMUNISM AND THE RISE OF MAO by Benjamin J. Schwartz (Harper Torchbooks $1.95)

MAO TSE-TUNG An Anthology of his Writings, edited by Anne Fremantle (Mentor 95 cents)

MAO TSE-TUNG by Robert Payne (Pyramid. 95 cents)

THE BIRTH OF COMMUNIST CHINA by C.F. Fitzgerald (Penguin $1.25)

COMMUNIST CHINA AND ASIA by A. Doak Barnett (Vintage $1.95)

EUROPE AND CHINA by G.F. Hudson (Beason $1.95)

CHINA AND THE BOMB by Morton F. Halperin (Praeger $1.95)

MODERN CHINA, A Brief History, by David W. Rowe (Anvi1 $1.95)

CONTEMPORARY CHINA, Edited by Ruth Adams (Vintage $1.95)

Virginia Bogard

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