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State Convention - Saturday, April 20, 1968
Hawaii Nei Today - Know Your City, its Resources and Needs
President's Page (Elaine Vik)
Resolution (Discussion Units)
Annual Meeting Report
Local Agenda Committee - The Latest on Diamond Head
Foreign Policy (Virginia Bogard)
Voters Service (Helen Tamashiro)
Job Corps (Elsie Jordan)
Honolulu's Manpower Outlook 1965-1970
Your State League in Action!
LWV-Honolulu Board of Directors, 1968-1969
Proposed State Bylaw Changes
New Members
Let's Talk Government and League

Honolulu's Manpower Outlook 1965-1970

An Occupational Survey of Demand Supply for 78 Occupations - A publication of the Hawaii Labor Deportment

For Information On the Other 68 occupations JOIN THE HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE

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