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Local Agenda Committee - The Latest on Diamond Head

Since the City Council public hearing of last December 12, various actions have been taken by City, state and Federal officials. In meetings this past month at the Oahu Development Conference office, concerned individuals and representatives of organizations interested in preserving Diamond. Head have been discussing these activities and the best course of action In the future. The League took no part in the early meetings because the goal of the group seemed to be a fund drive to raise money in the private sector to buy land for park use in the Diamond Head area, and our board felt the League, itself, should not participate in such a fund drive but would see only that League members were kept informed so they could take whatever individual action they chose.

With the City Council's decision to pursue the purchase of "air rights", however, the goal of the group meeting at the ODC office has changed. They are not enthusiastic about raising money to purchase "air rights" but feel now that the need has become apparent for further information and citizen work toward ensuring the proper setting for Diamond Head -- and the LWV can certainly take part in this educational effort.

After careful consideration, the group has reached the conclusion that an expanded Save Diamond Head Association--to include representation from all the State and even the mainland--could be the appropriate citizen organization to coordinate and furnish leadership for an intensive educational program about all facets of the Diamond Head issue. They will meet on April 9th with several active members of the Save Diamond Head Association to discuss the possible structure and program of the expended organization. Also, the most effective utilization of all future efforts on behalf of Diamond Head will be explored.

The League consensus calls for eventual park use for the area makai of Diamond Head Road, so keeping the area zoned for residential and purchasing "air rights" won't solve the problem. Obviously, many individuals and organizations feel the same way, so the issue of Diamond Head's future is far from resolved.

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