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State Convention - Saturday, April 20, 1968
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The President's Page

Last Friday--the day of our Annual Meeting was a big day! You SEVENTY women who were there (for the first time in the history of luncheons, the Luncheon committee was gleefully faced with MORE people than reservations) remember the motions made! amended! remade! withdrawn! and the spirited discussions that culminated in an adopted budget of almost $6,000, a somewhat larger Board of Directors, an increase in annual dues, the adption of s new local study, and the election of the slate of officers and directors proposed by the nominating committee.

I had the fine honor of being elected your President. I would be completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of the office but for the fact I haven't far to look for expert and willing help-- each member of your Board of Directors helps shoulder the responsibility and eagerly accepts a heavy workload. Having recently been membership chairman, I am also aware of the very active participation of our membership. Leaguers are DOERS, and the general willingness of our entire membership giving whatever piecemeal time they can spare adds up to total League influence and accomplishments in our community.

Your new Board had its first meeting the Tuesday following annual meeting and tentatively organized itself in line with proposed National Program - a list of members and their portfolios attached). MARILYN BORNHORST, an elected Director for two years, is submitting her resignation from the Board to become actively involved in partisan politics. We are sorry to lose her services, but appreciate her desire to work in her Party.

BIT Of HISTORY - With the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women our right to vote, the National American Woman Suffrage Association organized the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, foreseeing the need to register these newly enfranchised women to vote as well as educate them on the issues. As years passed, our VOTERS SERVICE program has expanded (we'll now even help the men!) to become a major portion of our activity.

Can you imagine a better year for us in Honolulu to emphasize this phase of our program--with a Constitutional Convention upcoming, and elections that include the President and Vice President of the United States, a Senator and 2 Congressmen from Hawaii, 11 State Senators, 51 State Representatives, the City and County Mayor and 9 Councilmen?!!!

It will be every Leaguer's duty to find a niche somewhere in our VOTERS SERVICE program. FRAN McLEOD, 1st Vice President in charge of this portfolio, is bursting with plans and tells you more about them elsewhere in this VOTER. Our next discussion meetings are aimed at helping you as ACTIVE citizens find your role in an election year. The unit discussions will also strive for better understanding of the closed primary that we are working toward with this fall's elections. Next October when you hear people protesting "Why do I have to tell whether I want a Republican or Democratic ballot?" you'll know the answer.

The League jealously guards its hard-won nonpartisan image in the community, and will continue to do so even more carefully in this election year--after all, what validity would our planned-for candidates' forums, candidates' questionnaire's or pro-con summaries of the issues have if League leadership could be accused of partisanship? But any voting method is only as honest as the election workers allow it to be, and undermanned polls represent a shirking duty on the port of educated citizens. As a result, the Honolulu Board voted to cooperate with the Lt. Governor's office and encourage recruitment of the badly needed workers from our membership and allow controlled participation by Board members for the June first Constitutional Convention election and the October 5th Primary and the November 5th General elections. At present there are undermanned rolls all over the Island. Won't you do your part? (You will even be paid for this civic responsibility!) Call CLEO KOBAYASHI, 946-0O22, to find out what areas are most in need.

LET'S TALK GOVERNMENT AND LEAGUE... I'd like to add my invitation to TOSH TASAKA's (your new Membership Chairman) to attend the semiannual League orientation, UNITARIAN CHURCH, 9:30 a.m., Thursday, April 18. There WILL be babysitting! This is the tin's for ALL interested women, but primarily for those of you who have joined League since last fall, to gain knowledge of your League and State. Bring your questions -- friends and neighbors are welcome too —- LET'S TALK GOVERNMENT AND LEAGUE.

SOME REMINDERS -- All members dues are payable now for the new League year. Pay at the orientation meeting or at unit meetings or mail. New member kits are available for you who do not have then. Included in the Membership Roster for member use but not distributed for purposes of solicitation.

Elaine Vik

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