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State Convention - Saturday, April 20, 1968
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Voters Service


Have you trained as a registrar of voters yet? On March 19th we graduated 12 League members with Registrar Certificates. If you have not already signed to take the next training session, please

CALL - HELEN TAMASHIR0----262-5385

Next training session scheduled for Wednesday, April 12, 9:15 A.M. Liliha Library (Just makai of the freeway on Liliha). The new voting device will also be demonstrated at this session.

If any "husband and wife" teams want to train, or any League members wish to have a night training session, this could be arranged provided we have enough interest. Let us know.

Volkswagen Pacific, Inc. has again offered to provide a "VOTESWAGON” for League use. We plan to have this on the road from April 19 - May 2 to register voters before the Constitutional Convention. We will need qualified drivers, so if you can drive a shift car (they say if you drive this new one you will buy it!) and if you have not already signed to drive please----


The League can also "take you to the fair" if you are a registrar or a voting device demonstrator. Dillingham Corporation will be constructing a booth to be staffed by League members at the State Fair. We will register voters, demonstrate the voting device, pass out material on Constitutional Convention issues and, if facilities can be constructed to accommodate a movie on the new voting device, we will also present that to the public.

It is time for SERVICE and ACTION in the community. With three elections scheduled this year, we need to concentrate our energies this summer on helping an informed public exercise their franchise. The April units will be a discussion of the League member's role in the community in an election year. This will be a chance to ask questions on issues, procedures, partisanship and its relation to the League, or anything on which you would like to hear some comment from others.


Constitutional Convention Election - June 1, 1968

Registration of voters closes May 2


Registration of voters from June 3 to September 4


Registration of voters from October 7 to October 15

Helen Tamashiro

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