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From the President's Desk (Elaine Vik)
Campaign Financing
Invitation from: Manoa-Kai Business & Professional Women's Club
Manpower and Employment Programs
Free & Easy
How Can You Contribute to Assure Good Con-Con Delegates?
Application for Membership in the LWV of the U.S.
LWV-US Statement on the death of Dr. Martin Luther King (Mrs. Robert J. Stuart)
LWV-US on the Death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Mrs. Robert J. Stuart)
New Members

Free & Easy

- as long as the supply lasts, single copies of MODERN HAWAII at the Industrial Relations Center, Hawaii Hall, U. of Hawaii.

"Labor leaders who function at the local community level have been showing an increasing interest in specific community problems such as housing, transportation, recreation, etc. It has been apparent, however, that knowledge of the forces at work in the entire community is a prerequisite to a proper understanding of its individual problems.°

To gain some understanding of the community problems, a seminar on THE HAWAIIAN COMMUNITY was held for local labor leaders. The papers presented at the seminar were compiled - resulting in this publication. It will contribute toward your understanding of present day Hawaii. Contributors are: Lorin T. Gill, Thomas P. Gill, Rev. Lawrence Jones, Aaron Levine, Andrew W. Lind, Shelley M. Mark, Alfred Preis, Robert Co Schmitt, James H. Shoemaker, and Daniel W. Tuttle, Jr.

- to get at any book store, REPORT OF THE NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMISSION ON CIVIL DISORDERS, Bantam Book. Published March 1968, $1.25

...an extraordinary document. We are not likely to get a better view of socially directed violence- what underlies it, what sets it off, how it runs its course, what follows ...Reading it is an ugly experience. What had to be said has been said at last....."

From the special introduction by Tom Wicker of the N.Y. Times

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