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From the President's Desk

Some 1,800 members of the League of Women Voters of the United States are expected to attend its 28th National Convention in

Chicago this week. Hawaii will be well represented with five women coming from this furtherest state. Marguerite Simson and Marion Saunders will attend from the State League organization, Trudy Zelko will represent Hawaii County, Mary George and I are the Honolulu League delegates.

Trudy and I, the two who have never attended a National Convention before, are warned to expect ANYTHING--except sleep! Do you remember hearing about the Convention that president Johnson "unexpectedly dropped in" on?

This year our principal speaker is WHITNEY YOUNG, JR., Executive Director, National Urban League and a member of the Steering Committee of the Urban Coalition.

Just as at our own Annual Meeting, the Convention will be electing national officers, adopting budget and selecting program. National Board proposes a single list of study items including the following:

HUMAN RESOURCES: Support of equality of opportunity for education and employment. Evaluation of equality of opportunity for adequate housing and exploration of further means of combating poverty,

FOREIGN POLICY: Evaluation of US relations with the People's Republic of China. Support of US policies to strengthen the peacekeeping and peacebuilding capacities of the UN system. promote world trade and development while maintaining a sound US economy.

WATER RESOURCES; Support of national policies and procedures which promote a comprehensive long-range planning for conservation and development of water resources and improvement of water quality,

REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT: Support of apportionment of both houses of state legislatures substantially on population. Support of self-government and representation in Congress for District of Columbia citizens.

In addition to the Proposed Program, other subjects may, under bylaw provisions, come before the Convention. This year there is high member interest in US-Asian policy, problems of the cities, and Congressional reform, I'll be able to tell you in the next VOTER what items were finally selected for our next two-year studies.


Over 2,500 voters have been registered by the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS in this first week of touring with the VOTESWAGEN bus. Members report that it's a highly satisfying experience. Why not let FRAN MCLEOD (261-6139) know now that you want to help when we again have the VOTESWAGEN for two weeks before the Primaries.


Unit discussion groups have each selected a Nominating Committee. The slate of officers for the coming year for each unit will be given at the first round of Units in May. Come and VOTE for your officers.

At our last Unit discussions, we talked about the closed Primary and how it is anticipated that it will strengthen the two parties. Mae West's comment when she declined an invitation to join a certain campaign "I don't know enough about politics; although I can always spot a party man."

Elaine Vik

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