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[Membership Notices]

To keep abreast of National emphasis on the study Development of Human Resources, the first membership mailing for the current year is Crisis: The Condition of the American City. If you have not received your copy, call Evelyn OiShi 770-001. If you haven't sent your dues of $10.00 as yet, send them today to Mary Louise Garcia (League of Women Voters of Honolulu) 6275 Upolo Place - Honolulu 96821.

Transfers please read: The fiscal year for every League in the Country ends on March 31 and dues are due as of April 1st However, all Leagues continue to carry members on the mailing list for three to six months to give everyone an opportunity to move and get settled etc before being dropped from membership. So if you are a transfer, your dues are actually payable now regardless of when you paid to your previous group unless paid after April 1, 1968.

As of May 20th we had 116 paid up members. Please help to make the work of the treasurer and membership chairman lighter by sending in your $10.00 TODAY.

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