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Your Vote Makes a Difference

"YOUR VOTE MAKES A DIFFERENCE" and so does League effort to get every eligible person registered to vote... so....


The Lt. Governor's office has asked for League help in staffing registrars in Kailua and Kaneohe each Saturday from now through August 30. They will pay the League $2.00 per hour ($28.00 per Saturday for the two stations). If you are a registrar who assists in this program, you will be credited as having contributed to the League finance drive $2.00 for each hour you work. Then, next year, the benefit will grow when National sends us our 50th Anniversary Finance Drive fund (see President's message).

* * * *

A special MAHALO to MARILYN BORNHORST who did the scheduling for the State Fair. Thanks too, to all the members (and two valiant husbands) who turned out to work at our handsome red-white & blue booth provided by Dillingham. The TV stations used slides with our "Makes a different" slogan and publicized the booth from time to time. We distributed hundreds of Constitutions, Primary Law information sheets and League position papers on Ethics, Home Rule and Election Laws.

* * * *

A PIECE OF THE ACTION: JUNE 1, 1968 Take a mighty goal to be reached, Two of the characters "doing their things" through the long hours of that day and into the next were Helen Frederick and myself. We went as non-partisan (and unpaid) observers tagged by the League's Voters Service Committee following receipt of a request from the office of the Lt. Governor. Except for the fatigue which followed Helen's long sessions plus the uncomfortable low temperature of the rooms for which we were not prepared, the experience was a most satisfying and valuables one. The prevailing spirit of cooperation and team work was truly great. Periodically all of us should be a part of a function designed a la democracy such as this to help us reaffirm our belief and confidence in many or our American ways.

Follow-up conferences were held after the final tallies made for the purposes of analyzing what had happened, of offering suggestions, and planning for the fall primary and general elections. This work will have been made infinitely more trouble-free by the experience of the Con-Con Election. The conferees were unanimous: this election just had to be the most efficient and the count the most accurate in the history of voting in this State. A fact still remains; errors and hang-ups occur because of too few qualified persons on the job at the polls. ARE YOU LISTENING OUT THERE? Plan to offer your services this fall; through your party or Mr. Gill's office. Who knows, it may be even more fun when payment is forthcoming!

Yours for greater participation,

Betty Tobiasson

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