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Coming in October

The discussion topic at the October Unit-meetings will be HUMAN RESOURCES- HOUSING, and the purpose will be to determine what, in our judgment, is an appropriate criteria for evaluation of fair housing legislation and how fair housing can best be achieved,

A good unit meeting depends on (1) your presence, and (2)knowledge of the issues. Do your homework and participate as an informed "talker" or as an informed "listener". ASK -NOT WHAT THE HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITEE CAN DO FOR YOU: ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PROMOTE A MEANINGFUL DISCUSSION;


THE ALOHA VOTER - Aug 1968. Summary of Title VIII FAIR HOUSING and Title IX Prevention of Intimidation in Fair Housing of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, Officially designated P.L. 90-824.

CRISIS: THE CONDITION OF THE AMERICAN CITY published by LWV of U.S. Sent to members in July on the Local Publication Service.

National Program 1968-69 - May-June 1968
Are the shackles Struck Away July 1968

SATURDAY REVIEW, July 27, 1968. "THE WILL TO ABOLISH POVERTY", by Michael Harrington. "America knows how to abolish poverty. We now know how to provide every American with a house, a job, an income. But right now, we don't want to do it."

THE NEW REPUBLIC, June 22, 1968; - "OPEN HOUSING: HOW TO GET AROUND THE LAW" by George W. Grayson Jr., and Cindy Long Wedel.

REPORT OF THE NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMISSION ON CIVIL DISORDERS 1968. Bantam Books $1.75. Answers "What Happened," "Why", and "What Can Be Done" about the riots in our major cities. The report also contains the conclusions and recommendations of the Commission.

FAIR HOUSING HANDBOOK by M. Fischer and C. Meacham. 1964 price -50¢ American Friends Service Committee and the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing - 323 Lexington Ave, New York, N.Y. 10016. A manual for those working to create and maintain inclusive communities.

EQUALITY AND BEYOND: HOUSING SEGREGATION AND THE GOALS OF THE GREAT SOCIETY. by B. Grier and E. Grier. Quadrangle Books, Inc. 180 North Wacker Drive; Chicago, IL 60606. An examination of shifting occupancy patterns and a review of legal developments in the area of housing and how they have affected these residential shifts. Also includes recommendations on how to achieve and maintain integrated communities.

SLUMS AND SOCIAL INSECURITY by Alvin L. Schorr. U.S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare, Social Security Administrations, Division of Research and Statistics, Research Report No. 1 - 1963. Order from Supt. of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. 50ยข. An appraisal of the effectiveness of housing policies in helping to eliminate poverty in the U.S.

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