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From the President's Desk

How many of you feel like the woman who, when asked what she was going to do with her children this summer, replied "Referee." Hang on a bit longer, school is about ready to start, and with it begin our fall League activities.

* * *

September tenth is our kickoff--a luncheon for you to invite your husband, friends, neighbors—-anyone whom you think would like to come. The food is usually excellent at Liberty House, and the program can't miss. In this stimulating election year, we're all eager to meet and hear the candidates for mayor of Honolulu. There will also be time for questions from the floor, so come prepared with a good question about the problem of city government that interests you most. Details about reservations are elsewhere in this VOTER, but briefly, the program will be in the morning, followed by a break for visiting and a cocktail, if you wish, then luncheon and a short talk by Mrs. Carol Hardsell. Sorry, members, you'll have to attend the luncheon to find out more about her!)

* * *

NOTE that we have had to switch our September tenth FORUM from the candidates seeking a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, as previously announced, to those seeking the office of mayor of Honolulu. The reason requiring the change is the reconvening of Congress September 4th, making it impossible for the incumbents to take part in our program.

* * *

Anything I might say about the Election Year briefing that LWV is co-sponsoring with the Richards Street "Y" would be superfluous after the grand newspaper coverage we received on the front page of the Women's Section in last Sunday's ADVERTISER--honors to June Nay, our PR Chairman. Sign up for this series by calling the "Y". Registration for Leaguers is only $2 and should you be able to attend but one or two of the sessions, I'm sure you will feel you've still had your money's worth.

Members who attended the final League meeting last spring at the Mid-Pacific Country Club will remember our discussion about forming a Men's Advisory Committee. (By the way, that final meeting which constituted a "Report to the Members" was considered by many to be such a good idea that we have decided to end this coming year with a similar such report--see League CALENDAR included in this VOTER.)

* * *

The first session of our Men's Advisory Committee met at a luncheon meeting at the Pagoda Restaurant August sixth. The businessmen attending were:

Mr. H. B. Clark, Jr., Castle & Cooke, Inc.
Dr. Lewis P. Freitas, University of Hawaii
Mr. Robert Grunsky, Hawaii Employers Council
Mr. Aaron Levine, Oahu Develop. Conference
Mr. Andrew S. Ono, Attorney
Mr. Larry Ronson, First Natl. Bank
Mr. R. L. Stevenson, First Insurance Co.

* * *

The men were extremely gracious and very helpful. The immediate result has been a beautifully written finance drive letter, composed by Mr. Ronson and edited by Mr. Grunsky and Mr. Clark from a businessman's viewpoint, and many prospective contributors' names added to our mailing list. (Do you have others to add? Call Judy McIntosh, 261-5710, immediately.)

* * *

Orders have been coming in from the community requesting copies of the newest League publication, "CHOOSING THE PRESIDENT," as a result of its being reviewed in both daily newspapers. Copies of it will be available at our September tenth general meeting for members who wish to purchase it--$1 a copy,

* * *

Jack Benny insists he's neither a Democrat nor a Republican: "I'm a registered Whig. When I join a political party, I stick with it!"

Elaine Vik

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