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From the Presiden'ts Desk (Elaine Vik)
From Beth Yarberry to All of her LWV Friends (Beth Yarberry)
Attention to All League Members
Finance Drive Report
Only 80 Days 'Til Christmas
Human Resources Committee (Evelyn Oishi)
Urban Problems, Publications, and Leaguers
Postscript to Electoral College Meetings
Application for Membership in the LWV of the U.S.
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Let's Talk Government and League

Attention to All League Members

The CRISIS publication you have already received has an 'error" reported from NatiOnal Office: On page 5, fifth line from the bottom of the page, the sentence reads: 'Only Rochester, N.Y. showed a decrease in racial separation.' The credit belongs to PHOENIX, ARIZONA. The sentence should read: 'Only Phoenix, Arizona, showed a decrease in racial separation.'

We are sorry for the error. Erratum sheets will accompany all subsequent copies of Crisis sent out; new printings will be corrected.

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