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From the Presiden'ts Desk (Elaine Vik)
From Beth Yarberry to All of her LWV Friends (Beth Yarberry)
Attention to All League Members
Finance Drive Report
Only 80 Days 'Til Christmas
Human Resources Committee (Evelyn Oishi)
Urban Problems, Publications, and Leaguers
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Let's Talk Government and League

Finance Drive Report

Response to our finance drive has been terrific. So far we've received $1,970.00 from 53 contributors. About half of these are new contributors, which cheers us up a lot - we must be doing a good job to receive that support. Of course we cherish our "old regulars" too; they are the backbone of our League budget.

We sent 420 letters, and each unanswered letter will be followed up with a phone call by a League member. These calls started October 4. We're trying to arrange an appointment to explain the League's work to the business man, and teams of two League members will be making the calls. If you did not get a chance to volunteer for these team visits (to be made on Monday, October 14) please call the finance chairman, JUDY MCINTOSH, at 261-5710.

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