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From Beth Yarberry to All of her LWV Friends

"I miss you all and LWV activities immensely, but am finding lots to do on a basic level here on Saipan.

"I'm enclosing my membership fee and will look forward to the mailings--sounds like an interesting year politically in Honolulu.

"We arrived in time to attend one session of the Micronesian Congress, and I'm impressed with the political know-how the Micronesians have acquired in so short a time. They meet twice a year here on Saipan so I'll do some observing then. It's ironical that now I have fulltime help--I don't have many places to go.

"I have acquired a volunteer job at the Catholic kindergarten here (no public school kindergartens). I teach oral English for two hours a day every day. It's interesting to work down in the community because we live in the American community of Capital Hill--about 8 miles from Chalen Kanoa. There is an interesting variety of Americans here--and we're most impressed with the Peace Corpsmen and their many accomplishments throughout Micronesia...


Beth Yarberry

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