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Application for Membership in the LWV of the U.S.

Election Notes

There will be two amendments (out of 23) that will be on the Constitutional Amendments ballot which the League does favor after having had consensus - the Ethics Amendment and the vote for 18 year old people.

For those who asked who Hawaii's electors are:

Democratic....J Ralph Brown, John Hulten, Takaichi Miyamoto, and Tokuichi Takushi

Republican... Betty Farrington, William Quinn, Mrs. Bina Mossman, Clinton Childs (selected from 4 alternates after an original elector died)

American Independent.... James Dennis, Thomas Norman, Jr. Robert J. Hernandez, and Middleton J. Watts

Peace and Freedom ... Peter Lombardi, A.T. Lundgren, Denis R. Jones and Frank Sadilek.

Remember - only one set of electors will vote on December 16

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