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Foreign Policy

Our unit meetings first round in November promise lively and informed discussions on U.S. - China relations, which we've been studying for two years. These discussions aim at drawing out our attitudes towards and ideas on the following questions:

WHAT SHOULD BE THE OBJECTIVES OF U.S. POLICY TOWARD THE PEOPLE"S REPUBLIC OF CHINA? Does our League support changes in specific U.S. policies? If so, in what directions?- Should the U.S. take the initiative in relaxing tensions? Please explain.

Consensus on these questions will be taken in January. The time allotted in November for reviewing the material already covered in the U.S.-China study over the past year is limited. We would suggest that members review on their own, materials released last year (China Puzzle and two Facts & Issues) or do some general reading for background (John Fairbanks" "The United States and China" or O. Edmund Clubb's Twentieth Century China and others).

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