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From the President's Desk

"To promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government."

This is the stated purpose of the League of Women Voters. At no time have I been more impressed with the way our members assume this citizen's responsibility to actively become involved in the democratic process then during the past several months--during CAMPAIGN 1968.

When I telephoned one of the local national party headquarters, introduced myself and gave the name of the person to whom I wished to speak, the answer was "Oh, hello, Elaine, This is ______. I'm helping out down here."

Many of our members worked for their party's headquarters, many more were working directly for a favorite candidate, and some were candidates themselves. We point to them with pride because we feel that political involvement is the acme of League work.

And it is not without a little selfish sigh that I learn of one more good League worker actively involved in partisan politics, because it so often means her services are lost for the nonpartisan work that must still be accomplished by League! In the case of League leadership, partisan workers are not only lost during their actual political activity, but for a period following for "cooling off" as well.

So it is with a real sense of accomplishment that League can point to the achievements of the last several months. With many of our more experienced and active members lost to us, and with one-third of the Board consisting of new or recently transferred Leaguers, we have maintained such routine work as [..]ncing and conducting unit meetings, publish the VOTER, mailing subscription service publications, and advancing League through the news media.

But in addition, members of the Honolulu League have conducted a successful finance drive (we now have exceeded the $2,500 budgeted for non-member contributions), we are in the process of a successful new member drive, we were instrumental in arranging a series of Election Year Briefings that reached between 8o and 100 women each week; members registered a total of 2,834 voters, published and distributed 10,000 mayoral and city council Voters Guides, helped with and distributed nearly 5;000 State League Pro-Cons on the proposed amendments to the Constitution, distributed with the help of schools, Scouts and Campfire girls 2,300 September 1968 National VOTERS (the one explaining the Electoral College system and comparing the major party platforms); League members represented the nonpartisan voters at all elections, gave much voter information over the telephone and mailed many of our voters' helps to Hawaiian residents on the mainland wishing to vote absentee, and conducted several candidates' forums.

Perhaps I have neglected to enumerate some of our activities because they have tended to blend together from day to day, but the above list is sufficient to prove that League members DO things, and that a nonpartisan organization fills many needs in a community,

* * *

Voters Guides and the Pro-Con booklets of the proposed Constitutional Amendments were available upon publication at all unit meetings in sufficient quantities for members to take as many as they wished for their clubs, churches, businesses, etc.

But if you do not yet have a copy, I would suggest the best place to seek one at this time is in the library nearest you. The banks ran out soon after distribution. The libraries delayed getting 'heir's to their branches and for this reason may still have copies available.

A woman with a newly developed interest in government wrote to the editor of a newspaper: "I want to get into politics. Do the taxpayers have a party?"

The editor wrote back: "Very seldom, lady. Very seldom."

Elaine Vik

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