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Election Notes
Foreign Policy
We've Made Our Budget! (Judy McIntosh)
From the President's Desk (Elaine Vik)
Baltimore Leader's Visit
Report from Voters Service Chairman (Fran McLeod)
New Members
Another Opportunity - Let's Talk Government and League
Presenting... The Hardworking Membership Gals
General Meeting - Tuesday - November 26
Thirty-four Members of the Honolulu LWV Are Missing!!
Application for Membership in the LWV of the U.S.

Presenting... The Hardworking Membership Gals

Unit Membership chairmen who keep in touch with all prospective members in their units and act as hostesses in the unit meetings are:

Honolulu Morning - Lee Ruggles (78-428) and Nancy Grimm .(38-103)

Koko Head - Bertha Lum (39-984)

Kam Morning - Sharon Eacherich. (552-898)

Manoa - Grace Yokoi (988-3054)

Windward Morning - Millie Darby (261-6658)

Windward Evening - Loretta Hicks (262-9786)

In charge of mailings to all prospective members is Ruth Balsley (732-5337). She also maintains a file of all current prospective members. Dee Lum (949-8811) maintains and keeps current the talent and interest files of the entire membership.

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