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Report from Voters Service Chairman

Registration of Voters - On the last official day for registering, League members registered 280 bringing the total for the month to 51 and for the year's effort...02,834.

Election Year Briefing - 103 enrolled for the six sessions and attendance was between 80-90 for each session. A "de-briefing" with Y and League organizers showed a general feeling of "satisfaction" for the planning and effort put into the series.

Candidate Forum, Moderated... Pohai Nani-forum especially requested a Leaguer for moderator and to explain Hawaii's new Primary Election Law.

Voter's Guide - 10,000 of these were distributed along with 4,500 of State's publication on pro-cons of the Constitutional Amendments. Our financial contributors took 7,000 for distribution among employees and businesses. Bank of Hawaii, First National Bank and Library of Hawaii distributed them in the branches for the general public.

Fran McLeod

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