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Election Notes
Foreign Policy
We've Made Our Budget! (Judy McIntosh)
From the President's Desk (Elaine Vik)
Baltimore Leader's Visit
Report from Voters Service Chairman (Fran McLeod)
New Members
Another Opportunity - Let's Talk Government and League
Presenting... The Hardworking Membership Gals
General Meeting - Tuesday - November 26
Thirty-four Members of the Honolulu LWV Are Missing!!
Application for Membership in the LWV of the U.S.

Thirty-four Members of the Honolulu LWV Are Missing!!

Send your check for $10.00 to the Treasurer today.... Box 1411 - Honolulu 96806 Think you have paid??????? Stop and think...

Have you received your copy of Crisis in the City???? Have you received your folder of material from the Human Resources Committee?? You haven't?????? THEN YOU ARE ONE OF THE MISSING 34 MEMBERS!!! We need your support - Be sure your name is on the new roster- send that check today- don't delay.

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