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Election Laws

The Honolulu League has requested that the State Election Laws Study Committee broaden its study towards a consensus on requirements for naturalized citizens to register to vote. The board of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii has agreed to include this item.

The Application for Registration* asks the naturalized citizen to furnish naturalization certificate number, Petition Number, date when naturalized, name of court and locale where naturalized. The above information is listed on the naturalization papers.

The naturalization papers cannot be photographed or photostated or reproduced in a wallet sized card. (per US Immigration Office in Honolulu). American born citizens are not required to produce their birth certificates as proof of their citizenship.

Since all registration applicants sign the same oath, under the same perjury clause, would it be sufficient for the naturalized citizen to swear he is naturalized, perhaps giving the location just as American born citizen gives birthplace without further proof? Are naturalized citizens being discriminated against?


Should naturalized citizens be required to show proof of naturalization register to vote?

If not, should the LWV work to (a) have the Registration Application amended accordingly? (b) educate the County Clerks' registration staffs to accept oral information as proof of naturalization? (c) do both?

The Affidavit on Application for Registration is a part of the Election Laws of Hawaii (sec. 11-8)

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