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Electoral College

We got through another election and the country is still standing. But we had such a narrow squeak, Congress seems fired up for action on the Electoral College. Rep. Celler will hold hearings on Electoral College reform when the new Congress convenes in January. League members should follow the proceedings with great interest.

The subject is more complex than it appears to most people. A recent Harris survey showed 79% of the American people want to abolish the Electoral College. Yet columnist Anthony Lewis (Star-Bulletin, Nov 8) sees more uncertainty if we had direct election of the president. In a situation where every vote counts, cries of fraud would be heard throughout the land. Recounts and court fights over ballots could go on indefinitely. He ways our system of counting and reporting the votes also needs reform, as it does not have the confidence of the people.

This is just one of the difficulties working its way to the surface. Pay attention and keep an open mind. Remember LWV has no stand on this issue as yet.

Nancy Williams

Would you like to watch Hawaii's electors cast their ballots for Hawaii's vote in the Electoral College? Call NANCY WILLIAMS 573-706

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