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From the President's Desk


and a most HAPPY NEW YEAR

Incredible, but true, this is the last VOTER to be published in 1968!

* * *

Each year State and Local Leagues are directed by our National organization to interview their Senators and Representatives respectively. Nancy Williams is coordinating these arrangements for us this year. She is striving to schedule the interviews so that the largest number of Honolulu Leaguers will be able to sit in on them.

Nancy reports that it will be February at least before Congressmen Mink and Matsunaga will be on the Island and able to meet with us. She is hopeful of having a time planned with Senator Inouye by next week, but a firm time is now set with:

Senator Hiram Fong, for
9 am, Wednesday, Dec. 11, at
195 So. King St. (Finance Factors)

Any member interested in attending should call Nancy Williams now, telephone 537-3706. We will meet at 8:45 a.m. on the sidewalk in front of the building. Senator Fong, is making a conference room available for the interview, so that a sizeable number of Leaguers can be accommodated. Marguerite Simson, State LWV President, will guide the interview for League.

* * *

Tosh Tasaka, Membership Chairman, should be our nominee for "Best Organized" this month. In our December unit meetings she and her committee will have ready to pass out to each member a personalized portfolio containing our updated membership Roster (with the telephone numbers effective December 1), local League By-Laws (revised at our last annual meeting), the listing of our current study items, a list of the Board of Directors and unit leaders, and other basic League helps.

This is every League member's opportunity to consolidate her League information into one folder, and then add to it as material is received and update it as listings are revised. DO KEEP YOUR MEMBERSHIP ROSTER UP TO DATE BY REMOVING THE PAGE FROM EACH NONTH'S "VOTER" THAT LISTS NEW memBERS AND TOGGLING IT TO THE BACK OF THE ROSTER IN YOUR PORTFOLIO.

We hope that no one who still wishes to be a member was left off the new Roster because of having put off paying dues. Remember, League dues are payable between April first and October first--six months during which members may mail their checks or pay at any unit meeting. But eventually comes the time when the Roster must be typed and delinquent members dropped--that time was last month!

* * *

Only one set of meetings is scheduled during December because time is precious for all of us this time of year. The unit discussions are designed to follow November's general meeting on campaign financing. Judging from the questions you eagerly asked our panel consisting of Democratic Finance Chairman J. Ralph Brown, Senator Eureka Forbes, Councilman Herman Lemke, and Senator Fred Rohlfing, these December meetings should be lively and informative. Hope you can attend one. Should the time of the discussion group you are accustomed to attend be inconvenient, drop in on another that better fits your busy schedule. We will also be rating possible State study items at these meetings--come and have your say.

* * *

Orchids to Leaguers who ran for public office this past election:

Dorothy Devereux Eureka Forbes

Mary George

Gladys Gerlich

Gerri Sadden

Patricia Saiki

Some were winners! Some were losers! Willingness to participate deserves our applause.

* * *

Do you know that 1970 will be our FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY as a national organization? Betty Tobiasson has accepted the position of Local League's 50th Anniversary Chairman. Big plans are brewing!

More next month.

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