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Facts About The Moderate Income Group

from the Honolulu Redevelopment Agency 1967 Annual Report...
Using Federal Housing Administration Guidelines, Honolulu's moderate income families earn between $5,000 for a single person household and $12,300 for 7 or more person household.

According to a private enterprise conducted marketing and survey and the State Department of Planning & Economic Development, 74 2/3% of 12,300 households in metropolitan Honolulu have an annual income between $5,000 and $10,000. More than 1/2 of these families earn in excess of $7,000 annually.

Of a total work force of some 283,000 people, approximately 176,000 are employed in three categories; retail trade, the service industries - including self-employed, and civil service. While every individual employed in these occupations may not earn or 8,000 a year, the fact that most Honolulu households have more than one income producer easily qualifies the majority for moderate-income status.

Oahu housing need projections indicate that there will be a demand for 9,250 new housing units per year for the next several years. (Breakdown: 3,500 single-family units and 5,750 multi-family units.)

These housing projections are based upon the anticipated creation of some 11,000 new jobs annually due to increased tourism and military activity. Primarily these jobs fall into moderate-pay brackets.

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Evelyn Oishi, Chm.

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