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50th Anniversary

The "birthday gifts" came rolling in; $100 here, $30.00 there, $75.00,

$40.00 and so on. It was Pledge-Week. Campaigners were calling, pledgers were writing checks, and Chlois McCarter, was in the parlor counting up our pledges, The first unofficial total was $2,367.00. The first 44 pledges received totaled very close to the $40.00 per member on which the national goal was set. As we talked among ourselves, came the realization that the FAC Membership Campaign is not just another drive" but truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for each of us to further the role of the LWV for years to come. As the story of our "Assignment from Society" unfolded to many, the logic of the 3-year pledge plan became clear. To at least two members this meant the' "re-doing" of their original pledges, one "upping" it by 300%!

If you are so inspired, don't be bashful. A call to 262-5303 will get you the how-to information. Thanks to all pledgers who came through promptly and more thanks to all those workers who spent the weekend distributing the good word and the cards. Faye Fehd, Bertha Lum, Chlois McCarter, Gladys Gerlich, Agnes Gaughan, Dee Lum, Connie Sofio, Helen Frederick, Barbara Marumoto, Peggy Broderick, Sue Escherich, peg Gressitt, Margaret Donegan, Jane Ball, Josie McCarthy. And thanks to several who turned in pledges received through the "buddy system".

If you have not been visited nor contacted about your pledge as yet, please don't feel left out. There was some reason why we did not get through to you, and several of us are still on the job this week. A special mahalo to those in our ranks under "inactive status". We do not see these members often, but in this case it was felt that they, too, should have the opportunity to participate in the history-making event of FAC. We have received expressions of appreciation; words and checks!

Pat Shutt has accepted the post of Public Relations Chairman for FAC in the Honolulu League. Her committee is now being formed. This promises to bring new and exciting experiences to Leaguers. If you would like to be in on this, give Pat a call at 239-8229.

Thanks again, all, and keep the celebration going!

Betty Tobiasson

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