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The Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu is proposing no Bylaw changes for consideration at the Annual Meeting, March 25, 1969, for the following reasons:

  1. Local League Bylaws have previously been revised to conform where necessary and desirable to the Standard Bylaws for local Leagues suggested by our National office.

  2. Bylaw revisions adopted at our last Annual Meeting on March 29, 1968, have not experienced adequate trial to warrant recommendations for change.

  3. The definition of PROGRAM given in Article IX, Section 2, conforms to Article XIII, Section 1, of the National Bylaws. PROGRAM is no longer defined as consisting of Current Agenda and Continuing Responsibilities, but as consisting of governmental issues chosen for concerted study and action. The categories of PROGRAM are defined in Section 3.

Therefore, under our present permissive Bylaws, PROGRAM format is optional: It may be proposed without categories (referred to as a single list) or with categories (Current Agenda and Continuing Responsibilities). Even though the Board of Directors is proposing that PROGRAM this year be adopted without categories, it does not deem it advisable to change the present Bylaws at least until the single list has been adequately tried and found superior to the divided listing of CA and CR study items.

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