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Letter to Mayor Fasi

The following letter has been sent to Mayor Fasi.

Dear Mayor Fasi,

You will recall that the LWV of Honolulu met with the City Council last year to recommend an amendment to Section 13-105 of the City Charter which now requires a mandatory review of the Charter every sixteen years. The League feels that ten years is a more appropriate interval between Charter reviews. Ten years and more have passed since our Charter was approved by the voters of Honolulu, and we write to you now to suggest that a citizens, committee .be appointed by you with Council approval to review the Charter and specifically, to develop an apportionment plan for the Council which will meet the requirements of the equal-population principle and also fulfill the desires of our citizens to be adequately represented.

We realize this committee would have no legal status, and of course any charter amendment proposed by it would not go on the ballot without the approval of two-thirds of the City Council. Experience has shown, however, that legislative bodies frequently have difficulty apportioning themselves, and we believe such a citizens', committee could bring a more dispassionate view to the problem. Indeed we feel ,that such a committee should be given the responsibility of reviewing the whole Charter with apportionment as their first undertaking in order to meet the State Supreme Court's September 1st deadline.

A copy of this letter is being sent to members of the City Council. We hope you and the members of the Council will give serious consideration to our suggestion and act favorably upon it,

Yours very truly

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