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Report of the Nominating Committee

February 18, 1969

For President: Lila Grossman

For 1st Vice President: Lucile Mundy

For Secretary: Beverly Carter

For Treasurer: Vera Stern

For Director to serve a two-year term: Nancy Williams, Ruth Balsley, Kay Adams, Sally Stroud

For Director to serve a one-year term: Nancy Grimm, Melvia Kawashima (These members will be completing terms of two Directors who resigned after serving only one of their two years for which they were elected.)

For 1969-1970 Nominating Committee: Dee Lum Chairman, Elaine Vik, Carol Whitesell

Submitted by the Nominating Committee:
Betty Tobiasson, Chairman
Barbara Furniss, Jane Hewitt, Nan Lowers, Dee Lum

DIRECTORS (two years)

Sally Stroud moved to Honolulu in September, 1968, after six years in Germany. Prior to that she was a League member in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She attends the Kailua Unit meetings and has four children who are 17, 14, 13 and 8.

DIRECTORS (one year)

Nancy Grimm Much-travelled Nancy joined the LWV in 1966 when she was living in a suburb of Portland. She had an eight-year-old son, and she has been helping with the Honolulu League's membership committee.

Melvia Kawashima grew up in Honolulu where she attended Roosevelt High School. She graduated from Lewis and Clark University and then taught in Japan where her husband was stationed. She joined the League's Kam Unit last September and has been working with the Electoral College Study Committee. She is the mother of a three-year-old boy.


Dorothy Lum, Chairman Dee came to Honolulu from Topeka. Kansas, nine years ago. A recent chairman of the Honolulu- Morning Unit, she is currently a member of the Red China Study Group and has been helping this year's nominating committee. She has four children aged 13, 11, 9. and 7.

Elaine Vik Honolulu LWV's capable president, needs no introduction. long experience in League includes positions on local boards in Worth and Lubbock, Texas.

Carol Whitesell transferred from the Hilo League three and a half years ago. She is presently chairman of the Kailua Evening Unit. Leaguers on the Honolulu side will know her best as "Carol Hardsell" the indefatigable veteran of the League's recent finance drives. She has four children from one year to ten.

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