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Why a "Single List"?

The Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu is proposing for the year 1969-1970 a Program without categories, or as it is often called "the single list"--that is, a Program not divided into two lists, one of Current Agenda and one of Continuing Responsibilities.

National Program was adopted as a single list of items at the National Convention in May 1968.

According to this concept, by using the single term "Program" to cover all the items chosen by the League, the League would no longer have to explain to the public or educate its members about the distinctions between items on CA and those on CR, and what League work is permissible under each category.

Furthermore, by eliminating categories the rather rigid, widely held concept of all CAs being given the same amount of attention would be eliminated in favor of tailored treatment for each item—tailored to the item, the League's goals, and the available womanpower.

Lastly, since no item is restricted from new study, as are those items on the list of CRs, the League would always be in a position, at the direction of its Board of Directors, to undertake expanded study if current events create a situation where this is desirable. It should be remembered, of course, that any expanded study must always be within the scope of the item which is determined by its wording as adopted by the membership at Annual Meeting.

The single list offers simplification and flexibility.

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