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50th Anniversary Celebration - Total to Date: $5,372 (Betty Tobiasson)

50th Anniversary Celebration

Total to Date: $5,372

No new candle burning for this past month, but May pledges matching those we have received in April, will do the trick for next time. Will yours be reaching us soon?

A beautiful pledge accompanied by a newsy letter arrived last week from "Beaver Beth" Yarberry in Saipan. We read eagerly of family and of the many activities of that talented and […]. In addition to her wife-mother responsibilities she has been finding time to do taping for the first session of the Congress of Micronesia, give time to nursery school, teach a high school level Sunday School Class, lead a women's discussion group on "Man's Search for a Meaningful Faith" (now there's a challenging topic!), direct a fund-raising drive for a Day Camp, and do some reading. (The hours and days are longer in the outer Pacific?) There are the advantages of less traffic and no TVB, however, and Beth claims the weather is "unbelievably beautiful" - and that from a recent Hawaiian! Mahalo, Beth, for sharing your news and for giving support to our Honolulu membership pledge campaign.

Have you been reading about League in various periodicals and newspapers that dome to your door or help pass the time in the dentist's office? Most recently LOOK says, "The LWV is celebrating its golden anniversary year. Although the members no longer dress in black or display manacled hands in the streets they still manage to shake things up." May 4 issues of THIS WEEK news supplement mentions the League in two places! Issues of the National Voter give the latest news on the Anniversary Campaign. Mrs. Sundersen, National chairman, promises a dollars and cents report in the next edition, so be watching. "It is the year of the League," she said, "and we want to be sure that everyone is counted." So, Honolulu Leaguers all, are you where you can be counted? Are you continuing to "shake things up" in our community?


Betty Tobiasson
FAC Chairman 324 S. Kalaheo Ave.. Kailua, Hi. 96734 Phone 262-5303

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