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Birthday Bulletin!

June will bring the official and to the Honolulu Membership Pledge Campaign. The "last roundup" will include still a few more contacts with ladies who, for some reason, have not been contacted heretofore. (World travelers, legislative types who have been buried at the capitol all winter, and those who were simply "zagging" when the committee was "zagging".) Thirty-five all-important dollars have been received since the last report, so our total now stands at $5,407.00. Are there $93.00 more out there waiting to push us over the $5,500.00 mark? 'Twould be great'. Honolulu's showing in this important national effort is bringing congratulations. We have contributed admirably to the national total; and even though the goal has not been reached, satisfactions are present. No disgrace in aiming high, LWV accomplishments are born in precisely that manners

Early this month, as a Birthday activity, our League presented approximately $75 worth of LWV Publications to the State Librarian for distribution to high school reference libraries. Mr. James Hunt received the gift with expressions of gratitude and a desire to continue to work with us in our educational program. Did you read about this in your newspaper?

The FAC Committees are short-handed. There is so much to do! Please contact State Chairman, Marion Saunders (988-2635) or me, if you can give any amount of time and/or ideas. It is not possible to seek you out one by one. So take the initiative and come in loud and clear with, "hey, can I take a part, what's to be done?" Make one of your summer activities a Fiftieth. Anniversary Celebration activity. Rewards are significant.

Betty Tobiasson

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