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City Council Apportionment

Our May units discussed the problem of City Council Apportionment. Mrs. Jane Hewitt, the off-board representative for Local Affairs reported the results to the board. Four main points were considered. All units agreed that a four year term for the council members would be best. The units also felt that re-apportionment was best handled upon a local level (or homerule is best). While many were for a flexible approach to the size of the council a minority strongly favored a nine man council. The units indicated an acceptance at this time of the combination council, but it was not felt that a consensus was reached.

This is a very current issue as the plan for an eleven member council (six at large and five from districts) which was approved by the present council, will go before the court very soon. If the courts approve this plan it will then go to a voter referendum. If this occurs our voter service can do a "pros and cons" upon this subject.

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