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Ethics in Government

Two bills (#49 & 50) to strengthen the code of ethics in the City Charter have been before the City Council since late March and for various reasons have not been passed. At the public hearing on April 22nd the League testified in support of both bills. The Bulletin has been delayed as action by the City Council was expected last week. However, the public hearing on Diamond Head and related matters consumed the meeting. We regret that we cannot comment on the ethics situation at this time but will bring you up to date in the next issue. In the interim some background information should be helpful. We have studied ethics in government since 1964 and in 1965 through our consensus arrived at a position statement as follows:

We favor a code of ethics which covers all government officials, elected and appointed, paid and unpaid.

The Code should consist of guidelines, rather than rigid prohibitions These should set forth broad principles of ethics which are designed to protect and inform the public servant as well as the public where private interest might conflict with the public interest. They should provide for fair and equal treatment of all people, both inside and outside of government.

We believe that a board of ethics should administer the code, applying and interpreting its provisions fairly and flexibly.

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