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Foreign Aid and Trade

The league's national program for Foreign Policy has been: Evaluation of U.S. relations with the People's Republic of China (consensus taken January 1969), Support of U.S. policies to strengthen the peace-keeping and peace-building capacities of the United Nations, and promote world trade and development while maintaining a sound economy.

This fall members will review development assistance program and re-examine the League's aid position. The re-examination offers an opportunity to bring new members up to date and refresh the memories of older members. We can also take a look at current questions about aid policies. Is development aid too closely tied to military aid? What does the League think about military aid? Does aid lead to over involvement by the U.S. in internal affairs of recipient countries? (Viet Nam!) Do we need to reassess U.S. motives in giving economic aid to less developed countries? How important is the population problem in the aid picture? these and similar questions concern us as we re-examine foreign aid.

Two new all-member publications 1) a case study of economic development in Asia, 2) Highlights of aid and trade issues in today's perspective will be aimed at providing members with background material in preparation for discussion. Selected additional readings for general membership have been left in a box at the league office. A little time well spent this summer will better prepare you for unit meetings on this timely topic.

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