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New Unit Leaders
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New Unit Leaders

Our units have chosen new unit and membership chairmen to guide us in the coming year. Mahalo to the hardworking outgoing chairmen and a sincere welcome, to the new.

Honolulu morning; Chr. Mrs. Opal Sloane
Mem. Mrs. Agnes Gaughan

Honolulu evening: Chr.
Mem. Miss Grace Yokoi

Kam: Chr, Mrs. Ann Hansen
Mem. Mrs. Lela Brewer

Kailua morning: Chr. Mrs. Marian Wilkins
Mem. Mrs. Peggy Haring

Kailua evening: Chr. Mrs. Jane Ball
Mem. Mrs. Betsy Tan

There are also a number of women who have volunteered as discussion leaders. The League has activities and committees for every interest. If you are looking forward to a dull summer don't wait for fall, answer one of the pleas for help in this bulletin!

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