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Action [Environment & Tax Reform]

There two items of League concern which need letters from members IMMEDIATELY.


The first step in a clean and healthy environment is the necessity for adequate sewage treatment and disposal. It is therefore necessary to "secure full funding of $1 billion for fiscal year 1970 construction grant operations authorized by the Clean Water Restoration Act of 1960". 152 members of the House have said they will support the full funding. We need 217 yes votes.

Write to Rep. Patsy Mink and President Nixon of your interest and concern in obtaining the $1 billion appropriation for 1970 construction grants for sewage treatment and disposal. Rep. Sparky Matsunaga has already signed his support for this funding. Write him and say "thank you."

If you are a member of another organization interested in conservation or environmental pollution control, please bring this message to the attention of the membership.


The House Ways and Means Committee as part of the tax reform bill have reported out a bill which very seriously hampers the work of the foundations in the United States.

A tax will be levied on income. This will mean that there will be less money for grants-- and this means not only a cut in source of funds to the League but grants to mental health, physical diseases, poverty programs, scholarship aids, environmental studies, religious programs and so forth. We are taking away from the private sector the funds for work they are qualified and interested in doing. Eventually it will mean asking the government for more money in many projects,

Voter registration and education drives are in danger as foundations would not be able to contribute financially.

Penalties and Restrictions: The bill details a list of restrictions against any attempt to influence legislation!!!! Most recipients of foundation grants are engaged with public concerns whether it be education, mental retardation, poverty, environment pollution, etc. Most of their concerns are inevitably the subject of some kind of legislation, be it federal, state, or local. If a foundation is found to engage in any of the restrictions, the foundation will be subject to a 100% tax on the amount of its grant and a 50% tax on the foundation manager. This means that no group including the League will be able to receive foundation money for seminars, study, or action of any kind such as in conservation, environmental pollution, ethics, campaign financing, constitutional revision, election laws, mental health, etc., etc. The list is endless.

This bill will come to the Senate right after Labor Day. Write to Senators Fong and Inouye at once. It is crucial for the public interest that foundations are not hampered in any way such as this.

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