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National Program -- 1968-1970

  1. Electoral College:

    A study of the Electoral College.

  2. Human Resources:

    Support of equality of opportunity for education, employment and housing.

    Evaluation of means to achieve equality of opportunity for housing and of further measures to combat poverty and discrimination.

  3. Foreign Policy:

    Evaluation of U.S. relations with the People's Republic of China. Support U.S. policies to:

    strengthen the peacekeeping and peace-building capacities of the U.N system;

    promote world trade and development while maintaining a sound U.S. economy.

  4. Water Resources:

    Support of national policies and procedures which promote comprehensive long-range planning for conservation and development of water resources and improvement of water quality.

  5. Representative Government:

    Apportionment: Support of appointments of both houses of state legislatures substantially on population.

    District of Columbia: Support of self-government and representation in Congress for citizens of the District of Columbia.

  6. Tax Rates and Treaty Making:

    Opposition to constitutional limitations on tax rates.

    Opposition to constitutional changes that would limit the existing powers of the Executive and the Congress over foreign relations.

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