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Diamond Head - Where Do We Go from Here?
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Diamond Head - Where Do We Go from Here?

In January, 1967 -- almost three years ago -- League members reached a consensus on Diamond Head which called for minimum development in the area, maintenance of Diamond Head Road as a scenic drive, and eventual acquisition of the land makai (seaward) of Diamond Head Road by the City for park use. Probably no League stand in recent years was as near unanimity as this one. And probably no planning problem in Honolulu has received as much attention as Diamond Head.

With so much sound and fury, the average citizen no doubt believes that the fight to "save Diamond Head" is won. But the truth is that, legally at least, we are little further along the road than we were three years ago. The resolution passed by the City Council to condemn all the land both mauka (landward) and makai of Diamond Head Road was vetoed by Mayor Fasi, and there were only four votes on the Council to override the veto. Resolution 240 to condemn two parcels of land makai of Diamond Head Road where the Diamond Head Seas was to be built passed the Council unanimously -- but the owners of the land and the City are now in court on this matter. A resolution recently introduced by Councilman Charles Campbell to immediately condemn certain properties and rezone others in the area is still in front of the Planning Commission which must act before the resolution comes to the City Council for consideration.

The fight to save Diamond Head is a long and interesting one. We will be reviewing it and bringing League members right up to the minute in our October units. Study the map of the Diamond Head area on the next page and bring it to your unit meeting.

"There are three classes of people: Those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and the overwhelming majority who have no idea what is happening. Save a friend from the majority and bring her to a League meeting."

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