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In our September Voter we had a "Call For Action" in support of full funding of $1 billion for federal grants to local governments to help them in the construction of sewage treatment plants for fiscal 1970. State-approved applications for matching grant funds totaling $2½billion from states and local governments are now on file with the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration. The proposed federal budget for fiscal l970 requests only $214 million under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Following are quotes from Hawaii's two House members in response to our letters.

Spark Matsunaga

"--I am one of a number of House members seeking the full funding of the Clean Water Restoration Act in fiscal year 1970. Barring an unforeseen event, I will be on the House floor when this important vote is taken."

Patsy T. Mink

"-- I will vote for and support appropriation of the full $1 billion that has been authorized. -- I have been actively working with my colleagues to help gain approval of this amount, which I consider to be vitally necessary."

A VOTE OF THE HOUSE FLOOR IS EXPECTED IN EARLY OCTOBER. Did you write? Do you know that the League has joined the CITTIRNS CRUSADE FOR CLEAN WATER? For details see the July Issue of the National Voter P. 3.

Ann Hansen
Honolulu Chairman Environmental Study

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